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About Us


If you are in the market for new or reconditioned containers and related components of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Steel or Poly, our customer service representatives can put you in touch with manufacturers and recoditioners who can meet your needs. 

We welcome inquiries for:

  • Aluminum bins, vats, FDA Pallets and other specialized aluminum industrial, FDA approved and Food Service items
  • UN portable totes for powders, dry flowables, liquids, and viscous material handling
  • Bulk drums, grease tanks, grease totes, paint tanks, one way containers, stackable tanks and bins
  • Aluminum pallets, stainless steel pallets, containment systems, oil recovery tanks, off shore tanks, and many other IBC system products.

Replacement Parts for Intermediate Bulk Containers allows our customers to access specifications and pricing on a wide variety of tank and dry flowable bin components. We offer a wide variety of gaskets for drum covers, bung plugs and Girard fusible vents. Our 22-1/2” drum cover gaskets include teflon, black EPDM, white FDA compliant EPDM, sanoprene, silicone, and viton variations. Custom gaskets can be produced from a wide variety of stock including microcellular teflon and kelrez.

We offer stainless steel drum covers in both 10ga and 16ga made from 304SS, 316SS and aluminum. We also offer a plastic snap on drum cover for special applications. Both lever lock and bolted clamp rings are available in stainless steel and plated steel or painted carbon steel. We can also provide UN rated clamp rings and unrated light duty rings for non-un storage applications.

Our stock of pressure and vacuum vents offer products that are all poly vents to stainless steel pressure vacuum vents including the Girard Smart Vent. We have fusible vents from Rieke, Gits 5 in 1 vents as well as the Girard 5 in 1 vent with a locking option.

Camlock style fittings are available in stainless steel, aluminum, poly, glass-filled poly and FDA compliant white materials. Stainless steel camlock 15 degree offset male adapters are in stock with 2” MPT for use on any 2” IBC discharge valve.

We stock a variety of stainless steel ball valves. Our one piece IBC valve is the standard valve used on a variety of IBCs and other tanks. We also stock 2” full port, 2 piece and 3 piece valves with all Teflon seats and seals. Look to us for 3A dairy standard butterfly valves and a large selection of sanitary “Tri Clover” style ferrules, adapters clamps and gaskets.

We have developed a patented ‘I’ line connection system that allows the end user to switch from chemical rated ball valves to sanitary ball valves or to sanitary butterfly valves in the 2” size and maintain a UN rating on your container. IBC’s can be converted to this system by installing our 2” ‘I’ line connection sweep elbow then with the ‘I’ line Clamp and a selection of adapters the IBC is configured as required for your application. Cleaning is easy and reassembly is easy requiring only new teflon gaskets and a new SS cable seal.

Our wine and alcohol section offers additional sanitary Tri Clamp parts and accessories. We stock thermowells and adapters to clamp them into a ferrule in an existing tank. We offer stainless steel access doors, cone top hinged drum covers and replacement parts and gaskets for any wine tank.IBC Parts can offer you off the shelf or special order product which include heating and cooling options for your container. Our stainless steel steam heating coil can also be used as a hot water heating coil or cold water chilling coil. These are submersible heating and cooling coils that are offered in 304SS or 316SS.

We can provide you with tank insulating blankets or tank heating and insulating blankets. We are able to offer off the shelf heating insulating blankets for commonly used tank sizes. If you have a special sized container or a piping, pumping system heating and insulating project our customer service people can help design a system to meet your needs.

Another common way of applying heat or chilling to our stainless steel IBC’s is by welding a stainless steel dimple jacket to one or all sides of the container. Dimple jacket heating system or dimple jacket cooling systems are a cost effective way of utilizing plant resources in the sequence. We typically provide slip on tank insulating blankets with these dimple jacket systems also.

When hot or cold is applied to product within a container as discussed, the process will sometimes require an in tank portable mixer to promote the transfer of BTU’s and speed the process.

Permanent tank mixers are also available if the unit will be marveled up to the tank. Our permanent or portable tank mixers can be powered by an electric or compressed air power source. Any of our tank mixing systems can be equipped with variable speed controls to assure no product damage occurs while stirring. 

We appreciate your taking time to review our site. Please call us toll free with any questions or special requirements not covered on our website. Our machine shop and fabrication department will be glad to help with any requirements.